Terms of Use

All rights of the website https://orginsight.co ("Site") belong to Orginsight.

The use of the orginsight.co website by Users and Members is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Please read the Site's Terms of Use ("Terms") carefully before using it.

I. Overview

Membership to the Site depends on the acceptance of the terms listed below. Using the Site implies acceptance of these terms. Orginsight reserves the right to modify any services, products, intellectual and artistic works, any information, and data presented on the Site under the scope of the Terms, without any prior notice. This includes halting site publication, entirely stopping the Site's broadcast, or redesigning the Site extensively. Any changes made by Orginsight in the Site's Terms of Use become effective as soon as they are published on the Site. These changes are considered accepted by the user once they access or use the Site in any way. Individuals or entities who have filled out the membership form in its entirety and whose membership has been deemed appropriate by Orginsight are recognized as "MEMBERS." You must be at least 18 years old to register. Legal entities can apply for membership only through their legal representatives. All members, visitors, or anyone who accesses or connects to the Site in any other way ("User") hereby declare, accept, and commit to adhering to the terms of use specified on this page. The term "User" refers to anyone who logs into the Site, uses it, examines it, or connects to the Site through any communication device or exchanges electronic data through the Site.

II. Service Content

The service provided by Orginsight through the Site involves selling products on the orginsight.co online shop; after the member has paid the price, the product will be delivered to the customer by a cargo company without defects or damages within the committed time frame, given stock availability.

III. General Terms and Conditions

  • Orginsight continuously checks the accuracy and timeliness of the information on the Site. However, Members and Users should be aware that this information might not always be up-to-date.
  • Orginsight reserves the right to cancel memberships without giving any reason.
  • All intellectual property rights on the Site (information, writings, images, brands, slogans, layout, etc.) are exclusively owned by Orginsight. Copying, modifying, publishing, or distributing any intellectual property from the Site will result in legal and penal consequences.
  • Members are responsible for using their credit cards securely. Orginsight is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from breaches, wrongful acts, or other reasons.
  • Orginsight can terminate this agreement without notice, or transfer it partially or entirely. Any transfer of this agreement by a user or member is void.
  • Orginsight can remove or modify the content of the Site due to force majeure or entirely at its own discretion.
  • Users and Members must respect general ethics, current national and international laws and regulations, and communication and internet security when using the Site. All expressions, comments, writings, images, visuals, and other information added by users should comply with general ethics and relevant national and international legislation.
  • Actions that can damage, negatively affect, or slow down the software and hardware systems of the Site are prohibited. This includes using automated programs to make multiple queries, register multiple memberships, or send vast amounts of data or information to the Site.
  • Members acknowledge that the passwords provided to them are exclusively theirs, and they will not share them with others. Any damage resulting from this breach is their responsibility.
  • Orginsight is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of membership information provided during the registration process. There is no legal liability for damages resulting from incorrect membership information.
  • Orginsight reserves the right to take security measures, including blocking access to the Site and canceling memberships, against users who violate the Site's Terms of Use. Legal action may be initiated against violators.
  • Orginsight has no legal or penal responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or harm users or third parties may suffer from using the Site or its data, including potential computer viruses or malware. Users hereby accept not to hold Orginsight responsible for such damages.
  • Disputes arising from these "WEBSITE TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT" are subject to Turkish Law, and Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices have jurisdiction.
  • I acknowledge and consent to the processing, use, and, if necessary, the transfer of all my personal data provided through this form, but not limited to these, under the law on the regulation of electronic commerce (Law No. 6563), and the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 6698) for various purposes, including creating sales histories, invoicing, sending loyalty cards, newsletters, promotional information, and marketing communications by Orginsight, its partners, and institutions it works with.