Cookie Policy

The website, together with its mobile applications (collectively referred to as the “Platform”), utilizes various types of cookies. These include session cookies, persistent cookies, technical cookies, authentication cookies, flash cookies, customization cookies, analytical cookies, and third-party cookies. If you wish not to use cookies, you can delete or block them through your browser settings. However, this may impact your experience on our Platform. Unless you change your browser settings, your continued use of this Platform signifies your consent to our cookie usage. For more details on the data collected, please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website and app.


What are Cookies and Why are They Used?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or network server by websites you visit through browsers. For more comprehensive information on cookies, visit and The primary purposes of using cookies on our Platform are: enhancing functionality and performance, improving services offered to you, optimizing the Platform, personalizing features based on user preferences, and ensuring the legal and commercial security of both users and OrgInsight Entities.

Duration of Cookies Used on the Platform

Session Cookies

(Session Cookies)

These are temporary cookies utilized during your visits to our Platform and are deleted once you close your browser. Their main function is to ensure the smooth operation of the Platform throughout your visit. For instance, they help in filling out online forms that span multiple pages.

Persistent Cookies

(Persistent Cookies)

Persistent cookies aim to enhance the Platform's functionality, providing faster and superior service to visitors. These cookies remember your preferences and are stored on your device through browsers. Certain types of persistent cookies may suggest custom recommendations based on aspects like your use of the Platform. If you revisit the Platform using the same device, these cookies check for any existing cookies created by the Platform. This helps in customizing the content provided, ensuring a more personalized service.

Categories of Cookies Used on the Platform

Technical Cookies

(Technical Cookies)

These cookies ensure the functioning of the Platform and identify any non-working pages or areas.

Authentication Cookies

(Authentication Cookies)

When visitors log into the Platform using their passwords, these cookies determine the user's identity on each visited page, preventing re-entry of the password on subsequent pages.

Flash Cookies

(Flash Cookies)

Used to activate image or audio content on the Platform.

Customization Cookies

(Customization Cookies)

These remember user preferences across various pages of different websites. For example, they recall your chosen language preference.

Analytical Cookies

(Analytical Cookies)

These cookies assist in determining metrics like the number of Platform visitors, pages viewed, visit times, and scroll patterns.

Analytical Cookies


Used for showcasing behavioral and target-based ads. Possible to accept or decline via browser settings within 6 months of the cookie's installation or latest update.

Market Analysis

Utilized for market research purposes. Can be accepted or declined through browser settings within 360 days from installation or last update.


Helps calculate campaign impacts. Acceptance or rejection possible via browser settings within 360 days of its setup or recent update.


These cookies monitor Facebook members (or non-members) for market research and product development. They can be managed through browser settings for up to 360 days since installation or the last update.

Google Analytics

This type of cookie aggregates statistical data, aiding in the enhancement of the Platform's presentation and usability. The data collected is transferred and stored in US-based Google servers in line with Google's data protection principles. For more on Google's analytics data processing and personal data protection, click here:

Referral Site

Helps understand user preferences and provide relevant content. Users can manage these cookies through browser settings up to 360 days from the initial setup or most recent update.

Last Visit and Activity

Used to provide updates on changes since a user's last Platform visit and to understand user preferences. Manageable via browser settings for 360 days post-installation or the last update.

Technical Cookies


Ensures session continuity. Manageable via browser settings for 90 days after setup or the last update.

Authentication Cookies

User Identity

Ensures users see only their personal data. Acceptance or rejection is possible via browser settings within 360 days from setup or the last update.

Can Users Disable the Use of Cookies?

You can customize your cookie preferences by altering your browser settings. Disabling cookies may result in reduced functionality of certain Platform features, potentially affecting your user experience or preventing access to personalized information. If you access the Platform using multiple devices (e.g., computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must ensure each device's browser settings are aligned with your cookie preferences.